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Rainbow Thread COG Ultra+ 25G/60/185

Rainbow Thread COG Ultra+ 25G/60/185


100 threads (5 Pouches x 20 pcs)


Rainbow Thread COG Ultra+ 25G/60/185

Rainbow Thread COG Ultra+ 25G/60/185 online. The Rainbow Thread COG Ultra+ is made from the most recent development within the thread lifting business. The COG thread is designed with multi directional barbs, which induces a higher chronic inflammatory reaction causing a higher rate of fibroblast conversion during the wound healing process. The features of the COG Ultra+ has a USP size of 5-0 and offers a strong tensile force, which ensures high satisfaction for both patient and physician.

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The Ultra+ COG consists of two parts, the COG part and the grip part. The COG part is both inside and outside of the needle. The inside COG is facing forwards and backwards and another forward-facing COG, is twisted around the needle and extended to the grip part. As a result of the spiral part, the patient gets a comfortable experience that lasts longer and gives a more visible result after the treatment.

The box consists of:

  • 1 unit

Each pack contains: 

  • 25G x 60 mm Needle
  • Suture sizes (USP): 5-0


Key ingredients:

  • PDO (Polydioxanone)


Benefits of Rainbow Thread COG Ultra+ 25G/60/185mm:

  • Efficient skin lifting
  • Thin USP ensure low pain and high flexibility
  • High satisfaction for patient and physician
  • 3D barbs for a flawless result
  • Areas: Cheeks, eyebrows, forehead, jawline and neck


How long does the results last for?
The Rainbow Thread COG Ultra+ is made from PDO thread, that absorbs into the body over time and the result of the treatment lasts up to 24 months. Please note that the results vary individually and depends on the patient’s age at the time of the treatment, the quality of the skin, the degree of sagging skin and the number of used threads.


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