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Buy Durolane 3ml

Buy Durolane 3ml


1 Syringe x 3ml per pack


Buy Durolane 3ml

Buy Durolane 3ml ONLINE. Durolane is a single-injection hyaluronic acid treatment designed to accommodate the pain of osteoarthritis disease in the joints. Durolane is a transparent gel that contains hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule that among other provides lubrication and cushioning in a healthy joint. When the gel is injected into the affected area, it gives an immediate pain relief while improving the joint function.

The pack consists of:

  • 1 x 3 ml syringe

The composition of Durolane:

  • 20 mg/ml hyaluronic acid

Benefits of Durolane:

  • Used for symptomatic treatment of mild to moderate knee or hip osteoarthritis
  • Directly treats the affected joint
  • Pain reliever

How long does the result last for?

Durolane effectively relieves pain and restores function for up to six months depending on the individual.


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